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Silky Leisure Bright


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Product Overview

With a brush carefully apply the liquid gel to the surface and agitate gently wherever staining is worst.  Leave for 20-30 minutes before agitating gently and washing away with copious quantities of clean water.  Repeat the process on any stubborn areas.  If using on an absorbent surface such as untreated wood it is advisable to neutralise and stop the cleaning action with a general purpose soda solution once any staining has been removed.

Silky Leisure bright is a specially blended oxalic acid gel mix designed to perform a range of marine cleaning and maintenance tasks:

  • Removes yellowing and ‘tea staining’ from hulls and external coachwork.
  • Removes rust and aids in the cleaning of Stainless Steel and Ferrous metals and fittings.
  • Can be used to lighten dark patches or water stains on woodwork.