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B-Fresh Pink Toilet Chemical 2ltr



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Product Overview

B-Fresh Toilet Care Liquids

  • Effective toilet fluid for a fresh holiday.
  • No more nasty smells.
  • Supports trouble free emptying of the tank.
RV / Camper


To make sure you can rely on your chemical toilet as long as possible, it is important to use special toilet additives for both the upper and the lower tank (waste tank and flush-water tank). B-Fresh can be used in all kinds of chemical toilets, for example in caravans, motorhomes and boats.

With B-Fresh Blue and B-Fresh Pink you are assured of a fresh, trouble-free holiday, for a reasonable price!

B-Fresh Blue and Pink do not contain formaldehyde and are therefore safe to use. Furthermore, B-Fresh does not harm seals or moving parts, as it is specially developed for use in chemical toilets, like portable and cassette toilets.

You can buy your B-Fresh products at a camping accessories dealer nearby.

B-Fresh blueB-Fresh Pink